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Admission & Eligibility

The program is open to students of all nationalities and all tuition will be done in English. Eligible are students with a bachelor's degree or equivalent in one of the Life Sciences disciplines including medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology and biology.
Application of students with strong background in physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer sciences ...etc, will also be considered based on their motivations and personal projects.

Final decision for admission to the first year of the Master of Neuroscience course will be based on the adequation of the student's initial training and of his/her motivation. In many cases, the selection committee will request an interview with the applicant.

The selected students will be registered at the University of Strasbourg (Life Sciences) at the beginning of their training (mid september). To complete admission in september, they will be asked to give a copy of their bachelor's degree (or equivalent diploma)

Maximum number of participants to enter the program is 20.

Deadlines (every year)

- Application for the Joint Master starts every year in January
- When the website is open, first answer is expected at the end of march and every 15 days after this date.
- Application will be closed in May 15th / Deadline is extended this year to the 15th of May !!!

Non-european students, not holding a VISA, are encouraged to apply early in order to receive their visa forms for visa application procedures.

- Registration in Life sciences at the University of Strasbourg : from the 1st september to the 15th of october
(Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 12:00)

- Teaching generally starts the 2nd week of september

If you wish to apply for the JMN program, please click HERE to access the WEBSITE and follow the instructions.

Important information regarding the use of the JMN application website:
The JMN application website works with Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer browsers. (THE WEBSITE DOES NOT WORK WITH: Google Chrome or Safari).
On your first visit, a message of security may appear. You have to get through this first step on to have access to the application website.

For any complementary information, please contact us on the following email address:

The Joint Master in Neuroscience is supported by


Apply (HERE)
The JMN web application is best viewed with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Safari, Google chrome are NOT supported (whatever the OS)

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