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Training Program

Semester 1 - STRASBOURG (France) from September to February (1st year)

This semester starts with many classes (re)establishing the "fundamentals in neuroscience". In the second block entitled "Methods in neuroscience" students will review the basics of experimentation. They are rapidly joining technical workshops (mini-schools) in order to gain basic expertise in laboratory work. Working all semester long with dedicated tutors, they are expected to be able to elaborate research projects after a careful analysis of the existing literature. This technical leveling will end up in a 2-week practical session in molecular and cellular neurobiology (grade accounting for semester 2). In full partnership with Freiburg's MSc program in Neuroscience, students will also receive basic training in Python Programming (mirrored courses) and some mathematical approaches of quantification in Neuroscience (videoconferences & Strasbourg-Freiburg commutes).

Semester 2 - FREIBURG (Germany) from March to end of July (1st year)

In order to complete a 2-month technical internship in neuroscience research students first join one of the many laboratories located in the tri-national perimeter. Students then settle down in Freiburg from April to July to attend elective teaching in advanced Neurophysiology, Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies (brain-machine interface).

Semester 3 - STRASBOURG/FREIBURG from September to end of December (2nd year)

In addition to cross-disciplinary training in effective scientific writing (Journal Club & Research Report Progress), advanced lectures/training will be given to students in order to elicit a major in one of the following specialties : Computational Neurophysiology (Freiburg), Neuroimmunology (Strasbourg) and Cognitive Neuroscience (Strasbourg). During this semester, students will also validate their participation in different scientific meetings (seminar series in Neurogenetics in Basel & NEUREX conferences).

Semester 4 - from January to end of June (2nd year)

By the 4th semester, students are expected to have demonstrated their ability to develop a coherent research project in line with the chosen specialty in neuroscience. Students may choose any research internship within any neuroscience-related domain, in a research laboratory also chosen by the student without any geographical limitations. The student will deliver written scientific report and defend his/her project in oral session.

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